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spring tx furniture cleaning

Furniture Cleaning Spring TX

We are the leading air duct, dryer vent, carpet, tile, grout and upholstery cleaning company that services the Spring TX metro areas. Using the top of the line equipment for cleaning, which includes using  a powerful rotary brushes, high-powered air pressure machines, and powerful vacuums specially made for air duct cleaning, you can be assured that you and your family will breathe fresh air and save energy.

Did you know that upholstery cleaning could make your furniture look new again? So don't replace your favorite sofa or chair, let our experts restore the beauty and extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture. With our commercial grade deep upholstery cleaning system your sofa, loveseat, recliner or any other piece of furniture can look near new again. So don't go out and buy new furniture and don't be embarrassed by your sofa set. We can help make you feel good about your furniture again.

When you call us, our service starts with our  highly trained representatives who answer all of your questions about cleaning procedures and continues to the highly well-trained technicians, with years of experience, who will make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Furniture Cleaning Services

Upholstered furniture has a more varied range of materials and manufacturing methods than carpet. Our knowledgeable professionally trained technicians can identify the fabric type of each upholstered piece and what upholstery cleaning methods will give your upholstery the best, safest and longest lasting results. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied so that we can continue to provide our excellent cleaning time and time again. We aim to please our costumers to provide the best home or office cleaning services at a reasonable price.

As in carpet cleaning, the key is to get to spot removal is to get to them as soon as possible. Remove soil and blot up any excess liquid. Next test your cleaner on an inconspicuous area of upholstery to test color fastness. The best place is on the back or underneath the "skirt" of the piece. If the stain still does not come out call us immediately for our upholstery cleaning service so we can remove it before it sets.

We work quickly and show up on time! We train our air duct cleaning staff to be responsive, professional, and experts in the field. We guarantee 100% of our work with no exceptions or qualifications. We even go as far as to use 100% organic products in our cleaning efforts. Our cleaning services can greatly reduce indoor air pollution in your home. By cleaning your air ducts we free your home of allergens, dust, and harmful microbes.

Just like carpet, fabrics act as air filters in your home, collecting pollutants from the air such as soil, bacteria and pet dander. Also, just like carpet, your upholstery and draperies should be regularly vacuumed and cleaned or the fabric will become lifeless, and worse, the abrasive contaminants will eventually destroy the fibers in the material requiring you to replace it earlier than necessary.

Furniture Cleaning Service Areas

Our trained and certified cleaning specialists have been serving Spring and surrounding areas for years. That means that for years, Spring residents have been trusting their carpets, rugs and furniture to us. From small cushions to large sectionals, our specialists can give your furniture a new, revitalized look or simply help you remove those stubborn stains. They will inspect the upholstery for colorfastness, vacuum the upholstery, clean it and speed-dry it. They can also apply a fabric protector to help prevent future stains and color fading.